Historical Museum

Бургас, ул. Лермонтов 31

The Historical Museum of Burgas is located in a beautiful building, built in 1901. The museum exhibition presents valuable exhibits, connected with the history of Burgas and the area – National Revival icons and European fine arts, separated in independent collections.

The ground floor is organised as a crypt, which hosts original Bulgarian icons from the Tryavna School. The most interesting exhibits are the unique samples of old print books and church plates from the National Revival period.

The first floor of the museum includes a hall for visiting collections from different museums and organisations from around the country or abroad.

The third floor hosts an exhibition of European fine and applied arts from 18th-19th centuries. Here, you can find original crystal, porcelain and bronze sculptures from the classic and late baroque periods.

It is interesting to see the way the museum curators have depicted the social-economic and cultural development of Burgas at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th centuries. The creation of the first church parish and the opening of the first Bulgarian school accelerated the culture development of the city. After the Liberation Burgas grew at a very fast pace and turned in an important commercial port and later on in a successful industrial and tourist centre.

Till the end of September the Museum presents the National Ethnographic Exhibition – A Colourful World at the National Museum of History. The exhibition features Bulgarian traditional costumes and adornments from different ethnographic regions.

The museum’s entrance is temporary from the Georgi Kirkov Street (just around the corner).

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