“Nikola Stanchev” Sports Hall

Бургас, ж.к. Меден Рудник

“Nikola Stanchev” Sports Hall was opened in 2009 as part of the activities of Municipality Burgas in recent years to improve the sports opportunities in the city. It’s located in the largest residential neighbourhood of Burgas – Meden Rudnik. It’s open all year round for children, youths, active adults – both sportsmen and amateurs.

The sports complex includes a multifunctional room, which can serve different sports – volleyball, basketball, handball, gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, heavy-weight lifting, mini-football, etc. The seating capacity is 150 seats. There are also two other practice halls which can be combined into one bigger hall, toilets and changing rooms.

The sports complex hosts many student and youth tournaments, as well as the “Nikola Stanchev” International Wrestling Tournament.

The hall is named after the legendary Bulgarian wrestler, who was born in Tvarditsa, Burgas District, and who is also the first Olympian golden medallist of Bulgaria.


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Phone: +359 56 502 026

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