Pole dance Burgas

Burgas, 89 "Knyaz Boris I" str.

Studio “Pole Dance Burgas”  is the first pole dance studio in Burgas. “Pole Dance Burgas” was opened on 01.11.2011 with instructor – Rosanna Dikranyan-Nacheva.

The studio offers training for those who want to practice this sport in groups for beginners or advanced, regardless of the age. In 2013 the studio is joined by Anastasia Ugruimova from Russia as an instructor. From the beginning until now the instructors from Studio “Pole Dance Burgas” constantly participate in various workshops and advanced the techinques of performance the exercises.

The pole dance offers training of the entire body,complex, every muscle participate in performing the exercises. In addition, pole dance reveals the elegance and charm that every woman has. By means of exercises that use your own weight build muscles, most harmonious way, sense of balance and good coordination body in space increases, power increases. All this combined in dance, redefining the boring workouts in the gym or long run in the park.

Never too late to try something not standard!!!


Contact us:

Website: poledanceburgas.com/
E-mail: rozanna_d@abv.bg
Phone: +359 898 429 497

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